Sleeping Leopard

A celebration of the sensuality of the cat, this sculpture is unusual in Lewis's body of work in that it depicts extreme relaxation and even langour. There is a contrast in the subject matter and the composition, however: a dynamic spiral element that unites the bough and the leopard, and hints at the still-present threat embodied by the apparently harmless, sleeping animal.


La Gratitude House and Parsonage

This was built in 1798 by Reverend Dr Meendt Borcherds, who supplemented his church stipend with part-time farming. It has burnt down twice since being built. Of note is the “all seeing eye” in the gable: some say the reverend put it there as an eye of God to look after the townsfolk; others say that its purpose was to instill fear in his slaves when he was not at home to oversee their work.